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Play Therapy
Full Circle

(new) Greg Holloway Trio - East Coast Standard Time

1.  Gone With the Wind
2.  Ask Me Now
3.  Gingerbread Boy
4.  Dreamsville
5.  East of the Sun
6.  Very Early
7.  It Could Happen to You
8.  Come Rain or Come Shine
9.  Soon

Drums: Greg Holloway, Geoff Reecer: Guitar, Bass: Tommy Cecil

East Coast Standard Time is the latest in a series from G’s –Bop Productions. This recording keeps the tradition of hard swinging, musicality and live production of its musicians. Jazz legend Jim Hall states “ What a perfect trio! These gentlemen really know about playing together. They listen, re-act, inter-act…whatever seems right at the moment…and yet it all sounds completely natural and makes the music better.

Greg Holloway Trio - Turns

1. Riggs Park
2. Brack and Bluesed
3. Valse Harp
4. Turns
5. Old Folks
6. A Night at the Bopera
7. The Looking Glass
8. Suspended Sentence
Turns cover

Drums: Greg Holloway, Rob Holmes: Sax, Bass: Kris Funn

Turns is the latest release under the G-Bop Label. It is consistent with the spirit of the previously released recordings such as Play Therapy and Full Circle. However it takes on a new dimension, a turn if you will from previous recordings. There is no chordal instrument on the date only sax, bass and yours sound, plenty of energy and improvisation from the entire trio.

Greg Holloway Trio - Full Circle

1. Yet to Be Seen/Then it Happened
2. The Syndicate
3. Beverly’s Blues
4. A Long Way to Go
5. Colors of Darkness
6. The Painter
7. Yesterdays
8. Schizoblues
9. There
10. Mississippi Swang

Drums: Greg Holloway Bass: Pepe Gonzales Piano: John Ozment

Leader Greg Holloway is not a hog for the spotlight. He reminds me of Max Roach in his approach-not that he sounds like Roach per se (though he shares the same sense of crisp, driven swing), but in the way he leads the band w/out being overbearing. Pianist Jon Ozment playes with plenty of gusto, with over tones of T.Monk (playfully hard-hitting, judisious angularity) and Vince Guaraldi (bright & jaunty w/out being saccharine) and bassist Pepe Gonzales is the anchor. There are 10 tunes, (mostly hearty, meat & potatoes originals) so you know there is no excess or warter-treading. The sound production and quality is clear and vivid. "Full Circle" is a fine slice of straight-ahead, bristly hard-bop! Leader and drummer Greg Holloway leads the trio like Max Roach and is not a hog for the spot light. Washington, DC based Jon Ozment (piano) and Pepe Gonzales (Bass) add a bit of hard-hitting and angularity to the date. The CD has 10 compositions mainly meat and potatoe originals. Finally the production/sound quality is clear n' vivid.
Mark Keresman - Jazz Review Magazine

It is my belief that, before moving forward in life, one should re-visit a starting place somewhere along the circle of life’s experiences. This recording does not have a title “cut,” it has a title “concept.” As humans, we all have a place or places, a transitional state or states that defines not only who we are, but what we have become. A place that may evoke a wide range of emotions anywhere from love, anger, hate, wonder, betrayal, confusion, trust and so forth...The perspective that one takes within a circle determines the outcome of a given process...what I mean is, it is not necessary that one start from the same place in the circle in order to move forward. “Full Circle” is a concept that makes reference to life’s evolutional experience on the emotional, social and spiritual continuum. Each title is suggestive of these goal is not to provide or impose my literary insight on the listener, but provide the listener a musical platform, an opportunity to experience their own “Full Circle” and catharsis. Preparing for this project took me through various places on the circle cycle. One, returning home to experience the family circle and continue to make music with great players that I met within the circle. Please enjoy the music and the experience of your “Full Circle.”

Greg Holloway - Play Therapy

1. G's Bop
2. Auger Inn
3. Horn Rim Glasses
4. I'll Go On Loving You Forever
5. Blues For The One
6. A Message For Monk
7. Secrets
8. Sir Jones
9. Play Therapy, "A Drum Thang"
10. One For Bags

The CD is my grateful bow to the source of this dynamic interpretative language, the jazz masters of the '40s and '50s. From "Message for Monk" to "Horn Rim Glasses", each composition is an attempt to capture the essence of my influences. The CD features original compositions and some of the best musicians from Anchorage, Alaska, a hidden metropolis supporting this music. Finally, it is my attempt to create kinetic energy, capturing the essence of jazz which keeps it fresh forever!