Jazz Drumming One on One
Greg C. Holloway

The purpose of "One on One" is to introduce, stimulate and connect the performer player, student and teacher with information necessary for continuous development. The information in the text discusses various principles and techniques involving the approach to the drum set. Each chapter is designed with a specific objective in mind. The information provided is not only technical, but historical as well. It is therefore my goal to provide practical, educational, historical and comprehensive information regarding Jazz Drumming. "One on One" was developed out of the necessity to have a consistent teaching format for private students, master classes and clinics. The information in the text was compiled from many years of institutional training, teaching, personal study, practice, and performing. The text will emphasize development of technical facilities, coordination and independence, dexterity, historical contributions and musicianship. "One on One" is designed for the classroom, private lessons, instruction, and reference. Please enjoy!

Greg C. Holloway, M.Ed., M.S.