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Pyramid Percussion Studio

Pyramid Percussion Studio is dedicated to providing a quality education to students interested in committing to a serious practice routine and lesson schedule. The studio is designed to provided students with a positive environment to cultivate their talents and interests. A well rounded and student centered program of study will be designed for each student. Instrumental areas of study are, but not limited to: drum set, snare drum, timpani and mallet percussion. Students have the option to choose a primary area of focus, but are encouraged to keep an open mind! Because this is a performance-based program, students are encouraged to participate in school ensembles, camps and the studio's annual recital.

Specific areas of focus:

  • Practice Techniques and development
  • Rudiments of Music Styles, Time and Nuances
  • Chart reading and interpretation
  • History (percussion and jazz drumming)
  • Brushes
  • Solos and Fills
  • Scales
  • Tuning (snare, set and timpani)

"The ABC's of Drumming" - Application, Basics and Comprehension.
This is three books in one! Snare drum fundamentals, rudiments, snare solos; Jazz Drumming- Independence and four-way coordination from the lowest common denominator, brushes and solo development; and Funk/Rock/Contemporary drumming, funk-foot stamina exercises, fill-drills and developing the movable pocket!

"21 Progressive Duets for Snare and Timpani"
The ideal supplemental for students needing to develop skills necessary to perform in ensembles, prepare for auditions and festivals. Additional benefits: opportunity to perform with other percussionist, enhance musicality and sensitivity, perform in odd time signatures with confidence and practice ear-training. Available for $10.95.

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